DGH Trade Ltd offer two separate warranties. The warranty that covers your watch will depend on whether it has been supplied as ‘Unworn’ or ‘Pre-Owned’.


Unworn watches are covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty.
If your watch needs to be returned whilst still under the manufacturers warranty, we are more than happy to help you find your local dealership. Please contact us here if you would like assistance.


  • This applies to watches that have been worn.
  • Certain pre-owned watches will still have the balance of the original manufacturers warranty remaining in this case we will make up the remainder to the full 12 months from date of purchase.
  • Your warranty begins from the day you receive your watch.
  • The warranty does NOT cover accidental damage, batteries, the strap or the buckle or general wear and tear.
  • Our warranty is considered void if the crystal lens has been broken or if the watch shows signs of water damage, impact or misuse. Significant impacts will be spotted by our partnered experienced watchmakers.
  • The warranty becomes void if the back of the watch is opened within our warranty period without the authorisation of DGH Trade Ltd.
  • Watches handled by third parties without our express consent are no longer be covered by our warranty. Your 12 month warranty is with DGH Trade Ltd and ALL warranty returns MUST be sent to us.
  • The warranty is with the customer of DGH Trade Ltd and will not be transferred if the watch is sold.